Design, development and implementation of a spend analysis B.I. platform

The Client

A major UK established manufacturer of heavy engineering units including the aftermarket fulfilment, a global business with over $1bn turnover.

The Objective

To design, develop and implement a spend analysis B.I. platform across their global business entities for direct, indirect, and services 3rd party spend.

Odesma Impact

The client had over 20 different data feeds with multiple ERP systems due to acquisition and growth over the past 10 years. The platform was for both procurement and supply team members, finance, key stakeholders and budget holders. The platform was to be best in class for the organisation and flexible in design so that it could develop as the procurement organisation developed in the future.

We deployed our senior analytics design team to advise throughout the whole build and implementation of the platform over a period of 4 months. The first task was to design and agree a single taxonomy for the whole global organisation which was achieved through a number of remote workshops. At these workshops we then provided best practice examples for the design of the B.I platform in terms of functionality and “look and feel”.

Once the taxonomy was agreed we then facilitated all of the supplier and part number mapping activities so that all of the data was incorporated into the new taxonomy.

We then provided all of the training activities for the users as part of the global implementation.

The Results

The program was completed on time and within the agreed budget. Throughout the design and build of the new platform we were seen as the expert advisors in all aspects of the implementation. The new platform has now been adopted by procurement, supply chain and stakeholders as the sole data platform for all sourcing and transactional procurement operations.