Procurement Diagnostics

A challenge for Executive Leaders when driving improvements in business performance is ensuring that every ounce of available value is realised across all areas of the enterprise. The Odesma diagnostics are designed to specifically support this agenda in all aspects of your procurement operation.

We aim to address common questions such as “are we fully leveraging our scale”, “how do we ensure that savings are delivered to the bottom line?” “can we deliver more, if we are set up differently?” We identify any and all savings and financial gains available to you, delivering specific roadmaps for securing and sustaining benefits thereafter.

Our diagnostics are practical and expert led, combining tried and tested processes, extensive business experience, tailored subject matter expertise and support tools. As a result, our outputs are not reliant on “guesstimating” opportunities. Our diagnostics process will look at:


Financial Opportunity

Using leading edge analytics and procurement consultants with >10 years relevant market expertise we investigate your third party spend and identify opportunities to leverage your business scale, market position and recognised expertise across existing and new suppliers and supply chains. We create a multi-year wave-plan and reliable delivery roadmap, defining the specific actions and resources required to secure these financial gains.


Operating Model and Maturity

100 [squared]: Combining experience and insight gained over 100 combined procurement and supply chain years across more than 100 international organisations the Odesma leadership team has developed the tools to perform a holistic review of procurement maturity and effectiveness across an organisation. Allowing business leaders to determine whether their organisation has the right capability, operating model, and process to identify, secure and sustain third-party cost-based benefits for the long term.


Technology application

A two-fold review of your approach to technology application. During the decision-making phase we will support making the right choices when selecting systems to support your business strategy. In post implementation, we will assess the degree of deployment and adoption across your business, identifying areas of improvement required to fully realise savings and efficiency gains.

Our support tools, Odesma Assessor and Aurora are used to assess the maturity of your procurement organisation and identify necessary changes required to fully leverage and retain savings and operational gains.



Assessor evaluates Procurement performance against six key determinants; Strategy, Process, Systems & infrastructure, Organisation, People, and SRM. Assessor is completed online, creating a real time dashboard for review and forms the backbone of our operating model and maturity diagnostic.

Nick Ford

Nick Ford


“Assessing the procurement opportunity is a combination of a tried and trusted methodology, expert consultants and technology tools. This provides an unrivalled insight into the enablers to improvement and the expected benefits”

If you are interested in diagnostics for your business why not give Nick a call on 0161433 7833 or drop him an email at [email protected]

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