Procurement Transformation

Odesma guides you and your organisation through all aspects of procurement performance enhancement through its unique and highly developed procurement transformation service, providing any organisation with the approach, the tools, and the insights you need to take your procurement transformation to the next level.

Odesma’s ADDS approach to procurement transformation ensures that procurement change is done methodically and to a common and consistent level. This approach, fully proven across a range of customers ensures a seamless and positive transformation.

We enable you unparalleled access to relevant market insight data, a procurement process that leads to efficiency and big cost savings, access to the best procurement technology, and Procurement PeopleCloud® capabilities.

The Odesma procurement transformation team takes a strategic look at your people, organisation, processes, technology, and performance metrics; using their experience and expertise to closely review internal and external stakeholder feedback, purchase orders and vendor contracts, established performance metrics, supplier relationships, and more. The team relates the change to your corporate and procurement strategy to ensure consistency and alignment of purpose. Odesma helps you to achieve your goals to identify opportunities for improvement and creating an effective procurement strategy for your organisation’s transformation.

We underpin our approach with a proven change management approach, that ensures all stakeholders and stakeholder groups involved with procurement fully understand the transformation strategy through to the actions being taken along with the effect on them personally. We seek you to ensure full organisational wide buy-in.

Our procurement transformation team delivers a clear look of what practices are and aren’t working for your organisation along with recommendations for achieving better-operating efficiency, enhancing human capital management, and reducing costs.

Working with Odesma allows you to draw on our experience and expertise of over 90 years in the procurement sector, working across all industries to transform your organisation’s procurement function into an efficient, integral part of the organisation.

Steve Trainor

Steve Trainor


“Our leadership team have dedicated their careers to procurement transformation across almost every sector, and have unrivalled knowledge in procurement and transformation leadership”

If you are interested in Procurement Transformation for your business why not give Steve a call on 0161 433 7833 or drop him an email at [email protected]


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