Supply Relationship Management

A Structured Approach to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

By managing the suppliers, vendors, and third parties that support your organisations with products and services you can secure operational success. As our clients’ needs evolve alongside growth, regulatory drivers, austerity, etc., supplier relationship management can become a complicated task. Lack of consistent supply relationship management and communications with key vendors can decrease contract value while exposing your business to risk.

Odesma can advance your procurement, supply chain, and sourcing operations by getting the most through innovative supplier, vendor, and third-party supply relationship management.

Strategic sourcing and procurement is now often charged with driving greater value from supplier relationships throughout the contract life cycle. Your organisation needs a structure that provides guidance in efficiently managing supplier relationship management to improve performance, address risk, and ensures return on investment (ROI).

Supplier relationship management (SRM) works on a common set of practices and processes that drive consistent interactions and open communications between the supplier and buyer. Supplier relationship management is much more than providing a set of tools that refine department operations, supplier relationship management programs build new capabilities that enable strategic sourcing and procurement to make the most of their supplier relationships.

Nick Ford

Nick Ford


“Assessing the procurement opportunity is a combination of a tried and trusted methodology, expert consultants and technology tools. This provides an unrivalled insight into the enablers to improvement and the expected benefits”

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