About Us

Odesma offer a new breed of procurement advisory which ensures you stay ahead of the market and improve more than just your bottom line.

With nearly 100 years in the procurement business and experience in every industry imaginable, Odesma offers procurement as a service by bringing together leading subject matter expertise, technology, governance and leadership in a way that is tailored to the needs of any organisation.

Odesma was first started in 2014 by its founders Steve Trainor, Ed Cross and Nick Ford who decided they could change the world of procurement by introducing their ‘Cloud Principles’, allowing them to provide access to the best expertise and talent in any industry quickly and whenever and where ever it is needed.

The business advisory solutions are founded on experience, expertise and insight, providing mobile resources anywhere in the world. Focussing on doing things fast and cost effectively to suit any organisation. Odesma’s flexibility allows us to mobilise our strategy within a week and have a minimum contract of just six weeks. The unique on demand delivery model will save your organisation money!

What We Do

Our goal is to help you create immediate and sustainable improvements in the performance of your organisation through business, management and procurement advisory services.

The terms ‘Procurement’, ‘Purchasing’ or ‘Supply Chain’ cover a wide range of services and requirements, that Odesma can offer your organisation. We cover the entire Procurement Function in an ‘end to end’ and flexible approach.

We directly help reduce the cost of bought-in goods and services for your organisation.

How We Do It

We bring together expert ‘capital’ resources in the form of subject matter category experts and great procurement technologies, all on demand. Our approach, at it’s heart is completely agile and deployed just as long as you need it.

The Procurement PeopleCloud® coupled with our network of technology partners seamlessly delivers a tailored solution that drives the benefits expected from a high calibre procurement operation at a significantly reduced cost.

If you need rapid change in procurement delivery we can ensure your success, whether it’s immediate cost reduction or improvement in operational capability and effectiveness we will make it happen.

We can mobilise our proposal within a week delivering business advisory solutions founded on experience, expertise and insight.

Global Reach

Our clients are predominately global multinational organisations we have deployed our people and technologies across five continents. We have successfully worked across a range of cultures delivering local and global change projects.

Leadership Team

Ed Cross

Ed Cross

Nick Ford

Nick Ford

Richard Gerard

Richard Gerard


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