Our clients operate in many different sectors and require a wide range of tailored solutions.

The following procurement case studies have been selected to highlight some of our extensive portfolio of assignments.

business services procurement odesma

Business Services

Benefit was driven from price reduction, value enhancement and process improvement across a range of spend areas including gas turbines, a CRM and CMS solutions, staff acquisition & medical insurance premiums.


Company Focus

Customer value has been delivered across the 4 procurement cost reduction levers: price, process improvement, value improvement and behavioural savings. Engagements have ranged from strategic divestment support, to staff skills enhancement, technology support and BI & Analytics as well as third party cost reduction.

freight and shipping procurement services

Freight Shipping and Logistics

Breakthrough value is secured from price reduction initiatives including e-tendering, from cost avoidance via consolidation as well as value improvement in demand management. Process improvement is central to our approach.


Fuels and Lubricants

Value was delivered from a combination of price reduction, value improvement and process improvement savings as well as skills enhancement of key staff across the UK & Africa

Knowledge Transfer procurement services

Knowledge Transfer

Sustainability in savings management can only be ensured when the client’s procurement team are fully involved in the sourcing programme from start to finish. Recognising this is central to Odesma’s approach; we work alongside the existing procurement team mentoring, jointly running programmes and delivering in house training as required

Manufacturing procurement services


Commercial acumen in the contracting of gas engines coupled with long term currency hedging and improved payment terms delivered price savings. Further cost reductions achieved through process re-engineering bills of materials and shipping routines

MRO procurement services


Value delivery through range and supplier rationalisation delivered price savings, as well as value and process improvement savings across MRO. An associated Site Performance Management system drove productivity.

Property, FM, construction and workplace

Property, FM, construction and workplace

A range of interventions across the category has driven value from price reduction through focused benchmark based negotiations to value based improvement through the re-alignment of services more fitting the marketplace, as well as a range of process improvements.

procurement in Technology


Customer value was driven through the implementation of an easy to use e-Sourcing solution, this was used to run over 1500 e-sourcing events and is firmly embedded in the client organisation