Renew and Refresh

At Odesma, we recognise that not all spend categories are made equal, for some categories full-time procurement resource is not required.

Often the day to day management of the category is best done by the functional stakeholder or appropriate business leader, this might be due to the specialised nature of the category, the need to focus on other features such as service or innovation, or just because the category does not need to be managed actively on a day to day basis. For many businesses it is simply not affordable to have full-time expert resources employed in-house to manage every spend category.

For this reason we have christened a new service; ‘Renew & Refresh’. This is an approach whereby Odesma’s expert practitioners return periodically for a pre-agreed but short and highly focused duration to re-appraise and re-contract the category, typically when the contractual term is close to being completed. Our expert subject matter specialist in the category will in a very short period of time, review the category, the supply base’s performance, your current and future needs and will then, with your approval, re-negotiate the deal putting in place a new or revised contract.

Our subject matter experts are category specific experts who know the spend area intimately, understand best practise, service and quality standards & requirements, and the current state of play as well as emerging trends in the marketplace. They understand target costs and prices available in the market. This enables them to quickly and effectively deliver the right ‘refreshed’ deal for your business.

This is done cost effectively, we focus on Return on Investment (ROI) to your benefit. We seek to minimise the effort your business has to deploy so that you can focus on your business imperatives. Then we are on call should you need support during the course of the contract term, though we seek to ensure the supplier, the contract and your stakeholders are self-sufficient.

Renew and Refresh ensures your business overheads are kept to a minimum, whilst your business secures the best possible and cost effective deal across these spend categories.

Steve Trainor

Steve Trainor


“Our leadership team have dedicated their careers to procurement transformation across almost every sector, and have unrivalled knowledge in procurement and transformation leadership”

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