Sustainable success enabled through knowledge transfer

The Client

A UK FTSE 250 world leading provider of mobile power solutions with a staff of 6000 who deliver solutions to clients in over 100 countries.

Odesma was engaged to provide expert support and deliver savings, enhance skills and deploy technologies that would accelerate the organisations procurement excellence programme, a key component of a company-wide global transformation programme.

Within weeks of being appointed, Odesma had undertaken significant analysis of the procurement operation and third party spend data. This identified a number of areas where significant savings could be made.

The Programme had a target of $65M in annualised savings and spanned multiple geographies and categories. To ensure that the best practice processes, knowledge and technologies were being utilised to deliver this savings programme became embedded within the client organisation. One of the key KPI’s on the project was the transfer of knowledge to the client’s global Procurement team of 22 personnel based around the world.

The Objective

Odesma was engaged to deliver a global procurement transformation programme for the client which was required to accomplish savings, technology introduction and knowledge transfer.

Odesma Impact

Odesma made Knowledge Transfer, a core theme throughout the delivery of this Global Procurement Excellence Programme. This included for example the imparting of critical knowledge on negotiation techniques, the use of new procurement technologies and the development of strategic procurement plans.

This spirit of partnership and development can be evidenced in the early work conducted to support the client Procurement team in Argentina. The Odesma service delivery Director Nick Ford led multiple engagements in Argentina to shape the savings strategy and identify opportunities for quick wins.

Nick delivered several workshops for the client teams in Argentina, reviewing spend levels, operational dynamics and priorities. This helped to pinpoint strategic procurement priorities based on robust and pragmatic decision making criteria.

These sessions in Argentina helped the local team to identify around $5M worth of annualised savings, and enabled the local team with support from Odesma to execute around 20 savings projects over a 6-month period. Lead by Nick Ford, the Odesma team engaged with the local teams weekly, ensuring that plans were on track, issues were addressed and savings targets were accomplished.

The Odesma team involved the local personnel and ensured that they were learning from practical experience and sharing of best practice.  This successful programme enabled by Odesma but delivered by the local team in Argentina covered a diverse range sub-projects which included:

  • Travel
  • Transport
  • Facilities Management
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Accommodation
  • Insurance Services
  • Materials Handling Equipment (Cranes)
  • Batteries & Filters
  • Lubricants

In Australia, Odesma engaged closely with the local team to identify and deliver $1.9M of savings across a programme of projects which included:

  • Utilities
  • Vehicles
  • Oil
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Photocopiers
  • Stationery
  • Materials Handling Equipment (Forklifts)
  • Property

The Odesma team made multiple trips to Australia to ensure that pragmatic, hands-on support and guidance was provided to the local team as individual savings projects were being planned and executed.

The Results

  • Best practice planning, strategies and operational processes to deliver savings successes have been firmly embedded within the business.
  • At an overall Programme level, Odesma ensured that knowledge transfer to the client was built in to, delivered and measured within each project and numerous case studies have been created to help share best practice within the Global business.
  • The client’s global procurement team now has the knowledge, tools and processes in place to deliver sustainable procurement excellence in all the regions it operates in.