Odesma enables global capacity and competency development

The Client

Our client is a leader in the UK consumer telecoms market with annual revenues of over £1 bn and an installed customer base of almost 4 million consumers. Operating in a highly competitive market.

Though the client had a sophisticated and well managed procurement function it was seeking a step change improvement in the management of third-party sourced Technology spend, and sought sourcing capability that could work across technically complex domains.

The Objective

Odesma was engaged to deliver cost reduction through the application of leading-edge practise to a range of technically sophisticated technology expenditure areas. Savings return of over 10:1 was an under pinning of the programme, with a multi-million £ target. The programme was targeted to 20 weeks to deliver in year P&L recognised benefit.

Odesma Impact

Odesma deployed subject matter experts who understood the specific technology in great depth, the inter-linkages between different technology components and service towers and the future landscape for technology. The subject matter experts were also supported by analytical services. The team, faced by the Covid-19 pandemic worked entirely remotely with the key stakeholders across the technology team, as well as procurement and the executive of the business. The experts were chosen for their ability to marry commercial skills with a deep technical expertise, for example they had to analyse co-dependent sub-categories of IT spend and determine recommendations for the consolidation or eradication of services that were duplicated. We worked fast to ensure P&L impact in the face of both technical challenge and challenging supplier behaviour.

The Results

The programme delivered within time and to budget across circa 40 initiatives encompassing sub-categories including cloud storage, processor & storage hardware, security software, broader business critical software and telecoms as well as hardware. Savings in cloud services totalled over 30% most notably, whilst even hardware saw savings of 20+%. The work was delivered to plan along with a route map for ongoing client led delivery.