Introducing e-Sourcing helps create over £20m Savings

The Client

A UK FTSE 250 world leading provider of mobile power solutions with a staff of 6000 who deliver solutions to clients in over 100 countries.

Odesma was engaged to provide expert support and deliver savings, enhance skills and deploy technologies that would accelerate the organisation’s procurement excellence programme, a key component of a company-wide global transformation programme.

Within weeks of being appointed, Odesma had undertaken significant analysis of the procurement operation and third party spend data. This identified a number of areas where significant savings could be made.

The Objective

To introduce an easy to use web based tool which enables the client to make cost savings and engage effectively with suppliers across a diverse range of projects.

Odesma Impact

Odesma included the Market Dojo e-Sourcing suite as a core component of their programme delivery. Market Dojo provided all the tools needed to engage effectively with suppliers across a diverse range of projects from an easy-to-use, secure web-based environment.  This included running Requests for Information(RFI’s), Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) and the planning and managing of e-auctions.

The ease with which Market Dojo was implemented meant that within the first three weeks of the 12-month programme, Odesma had planned and executed an e-sourcing event for the provision of legal services across 13 Gulf states.

Working closely with the client’s Head of Legal services for the Gulf Region an e-tender was designed and executed within a week, with over 30 vendors in total participating across the different lots. Market Dojo was used to receive and respond to supplier clarifications, receive and to accomplish the evaluation and scoring stages – saving over £200k.

This early success was followed by the Market Dojo tools being deployed to support competitive tenders and electronic auctions for a diverse range of products and services. These included road freight, local and global recruitment services, promotional goods and workwear as well as fuels and lubricants across North America, Europe and Australasia.


The Results

Over 30 client personnel have now been trained in the use of the Market Dojo e-sourcing tool, which over the 12-month period has facilitated over 1500 e-sourcing events and been directly related to over £20M in savings.

The deployment of Market Dojo under the guidance of the Odesma Team has provided an embedded sustainable legacy, enabling the global client procurement team to continue to drive savings and improvements each year through e-sourcing.

 “I have used various e-sourcing tools in procurement improvement programmes. In my experience, Market Dojo gets the balance between functionality, simplicity and rigour just right”. Odesma PMO Lead, Gerry Throrogood.