Procurement Outsourcing & Augmentation

Putting the 'P' in procurement

Procurement Outsourcing & Augmentation

Procurement Outsourcing & Augmentation (POA)

Procurement Outsourcing & Augmentation is an area that is gaining significant interest across all industry sectors as a means of deriving increased value from supply markets. The use of a third party can bring together external knowledge and technology to quickly augment existing skills.

Procurement Outsourcing & Augmentation can bring benefit to all organisations, but only if the right emphasis is placed on finding the correct solution for your organisation, selecting the appropriate partner and setting it up in a way that achieves alignment between the parties is critical. Full organisational support is necessary for speedy take up.

Having been at the leading edge of the Procurement Outsourcing & Augmentation sector over the last 30 years Odesma recognise that this is a very complex area and there are many factors that will influence whether the partnership between external and internal resources will deliver the desired outcomes – to the bottom line.

Odesma can support and manage the four key stages of the outsourcing process to ensure that you make the correct decisions when considering outsourcing – from recommendation to implementation.

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