Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

Using Opportunity Assessment to gain smarter spend

Led by the team at Odesma, our opportunity assessments provide an external, independent view of where incremental procurement savings or process efficiencies can be realised to unlock monetary benefits. A holistic approach is taken using both spend analysis and stakeholder engagement to look for opportunities for monetary savings to improve the organisations’ procurement capabilities.

Our assessments can be used by internal procurement functions as well as the rest of the organisation to support their business planning cycle, and the transformation of procurement.

Odesma use our subject matter experts (SME’s), e-Procurement technology partners and expert partner firms (audit & compliance reviews) to support the review process allowing us to take into account not just what the data is telling us, but the knowledge of the market and any fluctuations in suppliers, allowing our opportunity assessment reviews to be grounded in reality.

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