Odesma share their secrets in Churchill’s War-rooms

Churchill War Rooms
Date Posted: 23/06/2017 Category:
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Odesma share their secrets in Churchill’s War-rooms

Date Posted: 23/06/2017 Category:

Odesma share their secrets in Churchill’s War-rooms

First one’s into the Churchill War Rooms on a Tuesday morning while members of the public lined up to get in! We felt very privileged to have such a fantastic venue for our inaugural event. Walking through the underground bunker that protected staff and secrets at the heart of Britain’s government during the second world war as Winston Churchill and his inner circle plotted the route to allied victory.

The event started as we meant to go on with floods of people flowing through the door to eagerly see what procurement secrets they could learn from Odesma and its partners.

Fresh coffee and pastry in hand the delegates get to networking with the chance to look round the Churchill War museum before the hordes of tourist’s flood in to discover the underground secrets.

The day begins with an introduction from Steve and Ed at Odesma with Ed motivating the masses to re-imagine their procurement the Odesma way, followed by inspiration on data transformation from Eddie at Seaforth Analytics and help from Annie Spilsbury to understand Marketing Procurement.

Just before lunch the delegates are treated to a tale or two from professional triathlete Harry Wiltshire. Harry shared his stories on training with Olympic medallists and triumphs in his triathlon career. In addition, Harry shared his thoughts on how a focus on process and persevering, drawing on his approach to training and the highs and lows of competition, can be used to become successful in business and procurement.

Lunch was an eclectic mix of bowl food followed by audio tours of the Churchill war rooms as well as networking. The afternoon commenced with Market Dojo sharing their survey results from their ‘Barriers to Change’ survey. Provalido and Paul from Procurement PeopleCloud® talked the delegates through their role in the procurement transformation process.

The afternoon ended on a high with an insight into the procurement transformation program at Brambles and how Odesma have supported their procurement journey from reactive to world class!

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