Why CPOs shouldn’t shy away from using procurement interims

Date Posted: 25/02/2020 Category:
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Why CPOs shouldn’t shy away from using procurement interims

Date Posted: 25/02/2020 Category:

CPOs often look for talented procurement professionals to join their team, and this has become more important than ever with Brexit. Since the UK has not signed any trade agreements with nations as yet, it is essential to have professionals who can not only comply with existing laws and agreements but can also ensure quality goods and services at reduced costs. 

More often than not, CPOs overlook procurement interims, which can add immense value to procurement. In case you are still sceptical about using procurement interims, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be.

Skilled and industry-specific experience

Most procurement interims are highly skilled and have industry-specific experience, making them specialists, more or less. Therefore, when you hire them to work in procurement, you will be able to harness their talent and knowledge to benefit your organisation. 

Flexible to meet your requirements

You can use a procurement interim for a specific project when the demand for goods and products increases. Alternatively, such a professional will help you respond to the fluctuations in the market, allowing you to be ready and avert any possible delays in your supply chain. 

Cost-effective resource

You can make use of the talent, knowledge and skills that procurement interims bring to the table without incurring the expenses that you would have if you were to hire a permanent employee with the same skillset. You needn’t worry about the cost that you would have to foot for a full-time employee, but make sure that you comply with the IR35 status regulation, which comes into effect from April 2020. 

Fresh and new perspective

Since procurement interims are new and not an integral part of your organisation, they can be objective and bring a new perspective to approaches and processes. They can help you improve several procurement processes to enable you to reduce costs and manage spend in a more effective manner. 

When you are using procurement interims, you should focus on their skillset rather than worrying about the cultural fit. This allows you to accelerate the hiring process, and this, in turn, benefits procurement and the organisation as a whole. 

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