Twelve Procurement P’s of Christmas

Twelve Procurement P's of Christmas
Date Posted: 08/12/2016 Category:
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Twelve Procurement P’s of Christmas

Date Posted: 08/12/2016 Category:

Twelve characteristics needed to succeed in procurement.

  1. Preparation – whether talking with stakeholders or negotiating with suppliers you must always be prepared. In procurement over 80% of effort is preparation
  2. Patience – the role involves dealing with many different viewpoints, patience is critical in getting the best outcome for your business
  3. Process – following a process consistently whether it is sourcing or problem solving, it lies at the heart of procurement success
  4. Pace – business relies on speed increasingly, your stakeholders want results fast
  5. Progress – supporting the business is tough, dealing with suppliers challenging, but positive outcomes are a must and fast
  6. Passion – you have to love your role in procurement, showing your energy and passion in your role wins others over to your side
  7. Professionalism – dealing with internal and external stakeholders, suppliers and customers requires a consummate level of diplomacy professionalism in all you do
  8. Perseverance – just stick to it, it’s never easy in purchasing, but keeping to it, will deliver results
  9. Pragmatic – no day is ever the same, be flexible of mind and spirit is essential
  10. Profit-centered – after all procurement is essentially about reducing costs both in third party goods and services and the overhead of acquiring them
  11. Perspective – thinking about the external marketplace is essential whilst also considering your own business
  12. Practitioner – never stop learning, stay abreast of best practice, never stop developing and challenging the status quo.

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On 5 September 2018, the House of Commons released a Briefing Paper highlighting the effect of Brexit on the UK's public procurement sector. Current public procurement policies The existing public procurement in the UK is governed by rules from the EU Directives and Treaty Principles, ensuring that: All opportunities on public procurement must be advertised if there is a cross-border interest Public procurement opportunities must be open to suppliers from EU member states The UK uses its regulations to manage the selection of suppliers and vendors and the awarding of contracts. As per UK laws, these can be challenged in court. EU laws apply to all EEA countries. Since the UK is a member of the EU, the World Trade Organisation, the General Procurement Agreement, and other trade agreements that EU has with other countries also apply to the UK. Procurement after Brexit When the UK exits the European Union, existing procurement laws implemented due to EU Directives will continue to govern public procurement, as per the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, which would allow the British regulations to apply to procurement above a certain threshold. This is where the issue comes up, as there is ambiguity about the applicability of the Treaty principles in the future for cases where the UK regulations don’t apply. It is expected that the Withdrawal Agreement, which the UK is currently negotiating with the EU, will provide for a transition period, ending 2020. It is hoped that during this time, the existing EU laws will continue to apply to UK procurement and after the period ends, the UK will have the freedom to develop its public procurement laws and regulations. General Procurement Agreement after Brexit After the UK exits the European Union, it is anticipated that the international agreements the UK has signed will govern the procurement contracts. The government is taking measures to ensure the UK remains part of the General Procurement Agreement by trying to get an independent membership for the country on the same terms that apply to it as an EU member state.
October 16, 2018
Brexit and procurement review and update
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