Brexit and Procurement Technology

Brexit and Procurement Technology
Date Posted: 20/10/2017 Category:
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Brexit and Procurement Technology

Date Posted: 20/10/2017 Category:

Odesma sought to examine the effects of Brexit on the Procurement function. In doing so, a report by the Chamber of Commerce was also commissioned to uncover the thoughts behind the UK leaving of the EU…

Brexit has left us in a difficult position, mainly due to confusion and lack of understanding about what’s to come and how to cope. (See our previous articles uncovering Brexit’s affects on Risk Management and People.) Businesses depend massively on technology, especially in procurement for the daily tasks we undertake. Odesma utilise best of breed solutions with clients to maximise savings and manage spend. What effects, if any, will Brexit have in relation to the technology that has become so embedded in our lives? We caught up with some of our partners to gather their thoughts and see what changes they have had to make…

Market Dojo provide an intuitive eSourcing solution to help companies make savings. We caught up with the Market Dojo team to understand how Brexit has changed their lives…

Brexit is causing uncertainty in the market leading to stagnation as UK companies are not investing in supply-chain change.

Companies are however preparing for Brexit by setting in place solutions to help them control their spend and savings.

UK Solutions are having to adapt as we become more competitive in the EU

Market Dojo is making itself more accessible to the European market with the addition of new languages and even more easy-to-use features.

UK based companies are running more sourcing events (and immediate cost saving exercises) in the wake of Brexit.

Provalido’s Savings Tracker transforms the way you plan, manage and report your procurement cost reduction activity. Paul Gurr, Managing Director, shared his thoughts and experiences of life after Brexit.

UK Solutions are having to adapt as we become more competitive in the EU

Paul Gurr has noticed that when selling to the EU, prospects ask how it will affect them. People are more uneasy and wary.

Due to the depreciation of the Pound, Provalido solutions have become a lot more attractive from a cost perspective.

There are concerns of data stored in the UK, EU customers uneasy and may want a separate EU based server. Especially as new EU regulations on data protection come in to play.

So as a summary, our technology partners have seen some benefits in the wake of Brexit, such as affordability to EU companies. They’ve also made changes to their solutions as a result, making them more attractive by adding new languages and features. Companies both at home and EU-based are adapting these solutions in times of uncertainty to maintain control over their spend.

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