UK Government panel invite Amazon to help shape post-Brexit procurement

It has been revealed that Amazon are advising ministers in the UK government on how…...

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It has been revealed that Amazon are advising ministers in the UK government on how to buy goods and services post-Brexit, while collecting millions of pounds in contracts itself. 

A UK newspaper has revealed the US based company sat on a “secretive” panel set up by the UK Cabinet Office to help shape public sector procurement in future.

To date, Amazon has been awarded 82 central Government contracts, worth £225million and has a deal which allows local councils to buy supplies all in one convenient marketplace, Amazon Business. Representatives from Amazon Business attended the meetings last year.

According to the UK newspaper, Paul Monaghan, of the Fair Tax Mark, highlighted Amazon’s involvement on the panel. He said: “The manner in which Amazon is embedding itself into national and regional public procurement in the UK has long been cause for concern.

“We are close to the point where it will be impossible for anyone else to compete.”

In 2018/19, the Government spent £292billion buying goods, works and services from external suppliers.

PM Boris Johnson last year pledged to change procurement rules after Brexit to favour more small firms. 

Finally, the UK newspaper stated that the Cabinet Office refused to comment on Amazons involvement in the panel but said: “This panel is an important part of our engagement as we look to improve procurement rules.”

Post-Brexit negotiations and discussions continue to happen with the 11 month transition period ending on 31st December 2020.

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