Christmas procurement: tips to make it smooth and organised

When Christmas is approaching, procurement professionals get busy trying to source gifts. It can be…...

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When Christmas is approaching, procurement professionals get busy trying to source gifts. It can be stressful to find the right gifts and accommodate last-minute lists from management and executives. However, there are ways to ensure that procurement for Christmas goes off smoothly.

Get gift lists well in advance

Request that each department in the organisation prepares its gift list and sends it across to you ahead of time. That way, you will have time to separate the gifts into different categories and ensure that you know exactly what you need to purchase.

Keep supplier list up to date

Make sure that your supplier list is up to date so that you are not running around trying to find suppliers at the last minute. Besides having a list of suppliers for regular procurement, you should also create a database of suppliers from whom you can source Christmas gifts and items.

Try to cultivate long-term relationships with suppliers so that you can get them to source gifts and items at a reduced cost. Also, when you have a good relationship with your suppliers, they will maintain quality and mitigate supply chain risks so that you get the delivery of the gifts and items on time.

Ensure that recipients get delivery on time

Remember, Christmas is a busy time for everyone and most offices tend to close during the festive season – so ensure that you make the arrangements for the delivery of gifts before offices close for the festive season.

Create a delivery schedule and divide the delivery between the personnel so that everything goes off smoothly. It is essential that the recipients get their gifts on time to maintain the reputation of your organisation. It’s important to remember that the sooner you get the list and place orders with the suppliers, the faster you will get the delivery and at an attractive price.

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