Bentley Motors’ smart supply strategy pays off

The world-renowned luxury car manufacturer, Bentley Motors, provides an exemplary model of achieving impressive cost…...

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The world-renowned luxury car manufacturer, Bentley Motors, provides an exemplary model of achieving impressive cost reductions and deeply eco-friendly sustainability practices, according to a new report in Supply Chain Digital magazine.

From its global headquarters and factory in Crewe, Bentley has now chalked up a century of trading and manufacturing luxury cars.

However, perhaps less well-known is its laudable approach to responsible manufacturing based on smart supply and sustainability.

Bentley’s procurement practitioners have clearly taken a lead in developing the company’s unique approach to cost reduction through logistics: its logistics centre is right next door to its main supply hall, a proximity that has enabled it to achieve an enviable 30% cost reduction in parts handling.

Additionally, as Bentley is now part of the Volkswagen Group, it’s able to combine its worldwide material and component suppliers with the latter.

On the sustainability front, Bentley has achieved a remarkable ‘green’ status, with 100% of its on-site electricity coming from certified green energy sources and solar panels.

With a total on-site energy capacity of 7.7MW, this green energy approach is set to slash annual carbon dioxide emissions by an impressive 3,300 tonnes.

Sustainability efforts don’t stop there though: the company has massively cut its water usage from 20.91 cubic meters per vehicle in 2010 to 11 cubic meters per vehicle in 2016.

It has done this by replacing earlier highly intensive water processes on-site with circulating systems, a move that has substantially abolished unnecessary waste.

Bentley also taken active measures to divert landfill waste by introducing new recycling facilities both in its offices and on its production line.

The result is that it achieves zero-to-landfill waste several months of the year.

The firm’s procurement professionals will, of course, be actively working on bread-and-butter issues such as strategic sourcing, category management and spend analytics, but they’ve also helped the company to become the first British UK automotive manufacturer to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standards.

Cost reduction and sustainability can complement one another, evidently.


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