Halloween 2019: tricks for organisations’ supply chains

In the UK, themed food, costumes and decorations are in demand during the Halloween period.…...

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In the UK, themed food, costumes and decorations are in demand during the Halloween period.

People even want to buy pumpkins to carve jack-o’-lanterns to adorn their homes.

This Halloween, retail organisations can ensure that they get their procurement right so that things can go off in a seamless manner when 31st October arrives.

Getting the supply chain right

Halloween is a seasonal holiday, and most organisations will have their supply chains in place well before the festivities begin.

However, they will have to deal with numerous supply chains as the variety of goods is immense.

Of course, seasonal procurement can get expensive, and for organisations that run lean supply chains, it can take a toll on their budget.

Also, let’s not forget that seasonal products cannot be returned or reimbursed if they fail or do not perform as anticipated.

You also have to ensure that the delivery of the products takes place without a hitch – you do not want goods to be delivered too early or too late.

It can be challenging to get the delivery timeline right, but not impossible.

Getting the inventory right

Retail organisations that market Halloween products need to engage manufacturers.

As a retailer, you should know the number of products you should procure.

If you procure too many and do not sell them, you will have to maintain the inventory for the next 365 days.

On the other hand, if you source too few, you may not be able to meet the demands of your customers.

Engage with your manufacturers and suppliers to see how best to serve your target audience.

That way, you will have just the right inventory and can ensure that you can cater to the needs of your target customers while also enabling them to choose from a large variety of options.


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