EU places procurement professionals at the centre of security innovation

Procurement expertise will be at the heart of a newly-launched EU-funded project designed to ensure…...

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Procurement expertise will be at the heart of a newly-launched EU-funded project designed to ensure market uptake of high-quality innovations in security technologies that have struggled to gain traction in Europe, despite their crucial and valuable capabilities.

The new iProcureNet project, launched in May, brings together an ecosystem of procurement practitioners, legal experts, tech innovators, prescribers, and academics to focus on security tech procurement.

As reported by the European Commission’s collator of results from EU-funded research projects, Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) the French Ministry of Interior’s Director of Security Procurement, Jean-Michel Riaux, believes the new network will encourage cross-disciplinary dialogue and joint procurement between EU nations.

His colleague, the senior procurer, Marine Thevenin, said that procurement professionals should be a part of the innovation cycle, learning how to deploy their procurement expertise to encourage suppliers to innovate.

As well as bridging the gap between research and the market, the project is expected to deliver significant cost reductions over the next five years, together with identifying collective problems to common societal challenges and integrating the currently fragmented security marker via a common European market.

Nikolai Stoianov of the Bulgarian Defence Institute told CORDIS: “Based on the joint expertise of European procurement experts, we will map and analyse the general EU procurement environment, including national investment strategies, innovation needs, security markets, and obstacles to cross-border collaboration.”

He added that, by doing this, they would be able to understand the current procurement security measures across the EU better and the innovative steps made in the sector.

An online platform will soon be launched to enable participants in the iProcureNet ecosystem to link up and share information and ideas, and there will be annual public conferences to disseminate the network’s key findings every spring.

The project will leverage procurement practitioners’ expertise in strategic sourcing to create a regularly updated toolbox for the joint purchasing of security solutions for public, private, and NGO agencies.


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