SAP partners Uber Freight to improve digital supply chain

SAP Logistics Business Network has forged a new partnership with Uber Freight with the aim…...

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SAP Logistics Business Network has forged a new partnership with Uber Freight with the aim to optimise freight transportation processes. It is anticipated that this partnership will enable more business intelligence and automation in the digital supply chain. 

The Uber Freight network helps to connect shippers with carriers and now this network has merged with the SAP Logistics Business Network, which provides logistics analysis and process automation for Uber Freight. 

Richard Howells, vice president of solution management for digital supply chain, SAP, stated that the collaboration will allow customers to directly access freight rates from Uber Freight using the SAP network. Customers will get real-time quotes and have a clear picture about the shipments. In addition, they will be in a better position to utilise the freight capacity, added Mr Howells.

Uber Freight connects shippers and carriers on an app-based platform. The platform has more than 36,000 carriers, which collectively have over 400,000 drivers. The carriers serve over 1,000 shippers, including Colgate Palmolive, Land O’Lakes and Anheuser-Busch InBev. 

The freight industry has been slow to take up new technology, but things will change with this partnership, said Bill Driegert, Head of Operations and Co-founder, Uber Freight.

He added that before Uber Freight came into existence, shippers and carriers would take hours to book the transportation or get their next load. Now, the same process hardly takes a few seconds. 

Thanks to the integration, Uber Freight users now have access to diverse carriers and can move their goods anywhere in the US in a cost-effective manner, said Mr Howells. As a result, carriers have to strive to improve their service levels while enjoying higher insights into the shipping processes. They can work to ensure better collaboration with shippers and this, in turn, will lead to higher profitability. 

The partnership will ensure no time is wasted as carriers wait for shipments and will be able to optimise each trip, enhance fleet utilisation and minimise dead time. 

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