Tips to manage Easter procurement this Bank Holiday

Easter is around the corner and, as a procurement professional, you will be more worried…...

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Easter is around the corner and, as a procurement professional, you will be more worried about having efficient supply chains and logistical processes than the celebrations going on during the long weekend. During this period you need to ensure that you can be certain of deliveries when required.

Many procurement experts say that procurement professionals should have their Easter strategy in place at least six months in advance so that they can assess risks and take steps to mitigate them.

Here are some ways you can be well prepared for Easter procurement:

Ascertain requirement

Have a discussion with internal stakeholders to find out their requirements during the long Easter weekend. You may have to pursue this, as the stakeholders may not be worried about the future. However, if you have forged a good relationship with them, you will be able to get them onboard. This will prevent you from carrying too much inventory, which can increase your warehousing costs and decrease your organisation’s cash flow.

Find the right suppliers

Once you know the requirements, it will be easier to find suppliers who can help with your Easter procurement. Make sure you have the right suppliers in place. Assess the supply chain to manage risks and ensure that the suppliers will be able to deliver during the Bank Holiday. In some instances, you may have to depend on single-source suppliers. So, it is prudent to nurture a relationship throughout the year rather than during the holiday period. Then, you can be sure that they will follow through on orders placed.

Optimise the logistics

Ensure you have several delivery partners to optimise delivery logistics during the Easter weekend. This way, you will not be panicking if one delivery partner is unavailable or fails to deliver.

Preparing for Easter procurement is an ongoing process. Stakeholders will be happy and appreciate your hard work if you can understand their demand and deliver on it.

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