Tips to manage IT procurement in your organisation

IT procurement is an essential part of procurement in modern-day organisations. Computers and software are…...

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IT procurement is an essential part of procurement in modern-day organisations. Computers and software are important for almost all strategic and operational processes, and usually, procurement professionals determine the systems and software they need and inform the suppliers. But, it is essential that procurement professionals create a model of the IT procurement process to manage it and the related tasks, and also to ensure optimal collaboration between the stakeholders.

Model for IT procurement

When an organisation has a model for IT procurement, it functions as a framework to make the entire procurement process easier. Procurement will be able to get the necessary IT hardware, software, and other solutions while ensuring that it adopts the best practices.

Typically, the model consists of two steps – implementation and management.

Implementation describes the steps taken during the life cycle of a single product or service procurement. In this step, you would have to lay out the need and get the necessary approvals and send it to vendors. Thereafter, you would have to select the most appropriate supplier and sign the necessary contract to ensure the best delivery terms. Finally, you would have to facilitate the order, accept the product or service, get it installed, and then manage the warranty and maintenance.

The other step of IT procurement is management, where the procurement department handles all procedures related to the governance of IT procurement. It involves vendor management so that you establish a good rapport with suppliers, ensuring they add value to the organisation. You would also need to measure performance to make sure you have the right vendors in place. Then there is asset management, which involves optimising the use of IT assets in the organisation for their life-cycle. This will enable you to achieve IT procurement best practices. Finally, there is quality management, where procurement teams work to continue to improve the procurement management process, ensuring that products and services stand up to the quality mandated by the organisation.

The final words

For IT procurement, procurement professionals need to create the requirement, ensure that vendors understand it, and supply the IT products or requirements as per the terms of the contract. This will enable procurement teams to manage the IT inventory and follow the best procurement practices to benefit their organisation.

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