IT procurement: getting things right the first time around

Many organisations choose their software and IT systems with the aim of making their functioning…...

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Many organisations choose their software and IT systems with the aim of making their functioning more efficient. They then structure the different processes and workflows around the technology that they have selected. However, this is not the right way to opt for IT procurement. Organisations should only procure software and systems that can help to improve processes, and there is a way to identify what they need.

Identifying the correct IT requirement

When IT procurement professionals get a request from a department, they should not be too hasty to fulfil it. To ensure that your organisation handles its IT procurement correctly, it is first necessary to review the different processes and workflows in place. This will enable you to identify which processes need improvement and what needs to be done to ensure it.

With this information, you will be better equipped to find the technology that helps to meet the needs of the processes. This way, you won’t invest in redundant technologies and will ensure the spend is used in a productive way.

Why analysis is necessary

Even though you are a procurement professional, it is necessary that you work to make procurement a value-added service in the organisation, one that contributes in a meaningful manner. It will help procurement become an integral part of the organisational structure.

Organisations opting for IT procurement without proper analysis and evaluation end up with technologies that store a lot of information and data, but make it difficult to retrieve the necessary data for prudent and smart business decisions. Also, spending money on technologies that do not reap the right results is futile.

So, it is necessary that IT procurement is a well thought-out process. Not only should the technologies help to manage your supply chains better, but they should also provide useful information to make sound business decisions.

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