Odesma Launch new online benchmarking tool, Odesma Assessor

New technology will identify areas for improvement and track progress Odesma has launched a new…...

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New technology will identify areas for improvement and track progress

Odesma has launched a new digital tool that will enable companies to analyse their procurement functions and benchmark them against an industry average score. Odesma Assessor is written and designed by the directors and provides companies with best practice procurement benchmarking, enabling them to assess their procurement functions against best in class performance across all areas of procurement. 

This process enables both self-assessment and external competitive comparison with peer group organisations, allowing organisations to target specific improvement actions that deliver enhanced performance and competitive advantage. 

Ed Cross, Executive Director of Odesma, commented: “Our experience working with some of the largest firms in the UK and internationally has identified a real need for an automated solution to test procurement function competencies. 

“The role of procurement is becoming ever more strategic and as such, it’s critical for companies to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of procurement, while also identifying the components required to make procurement successful. 

“Our Odesma Assessor tool has been developed solely for procurement leaders to gain an efficient and transparent view of where their function is excelling or struggling, as well as benchmarking against industry standards, ensuring the path to improvement is clear and achievable.” 

Encompassing assessment types including Aurora, the ‘people-focused’ assessment option, Odesma Assessor is hosted on a mobile compatible website. Results can be categorised by country, business unit, grades of pay and continents with the option of multiple testing over a period of months and years in order to track progress and improvements. 

See the Odesma Assessor Website here

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