Government scheme to open global market to UK SMEs

The government's Digital Marketplace platform is to be opened up to foreign governments, in a…...

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The government’s Digital Marketplace platform is to be opened up to foreign governments, in a move intended to give small to medium-sized enterprises in the UK greater access to the global market.

The scheme will now officially be known as the Global Digital Marketplace but will continue to be run under the auspices of the Government Digital Service (GDS). It will also continue to focus on procurement transformation and the opening up of opportunities through greater diversity of framework agreements.

As well as increasing opportunities for UK organisations, the GDS hopes that the Global Digital marketplace will boost the digital, data and technology sectors in overseas countries that take part in the scheme. To this end, the service is seeking feedback from the international technology supplier community, as well as from representatives of interested governments.

On 12 April the GDS and the Whitehall and Industry Group will co-host an event in London to discuss how they can work collaboratively with the UK’s digital, data and technology suppliers. They will also seek feedback on ways to support smart city initiatives across the world, and how best to work with international governments to deliver digital procurement transformation.

The event is also intended as a platform for feedback on the playbook for digital procurement reform jointly developed by the GDS with counterparts in Australia, New Zealand and Chile. This looked at ways to create a more diverse and vibrant digital and technological supply economy. Proposed methods included making data more open throughout the procurement process and encouraging transparent and agile approaches to contracting and engagement.

Digital Marketplace Director Warren Smith said that the Digital Marketplace had transformed the UK procurement landscape and was now ready to go global. He said: “It’s an expansion of the Digital Marketplace that will be open to international governments. And it means UK SMEs will have access to the global market.”

Nick Ford

Nick has over 30 years procurement experience in consulting, outsourcing and line roles within industry with international experience across many sectors and industries and led many procurement programs with blue chip organisations.

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