Move to eco-friendly hydraulics boosts sunflower oil procurement

Global regulations designed to protect the environment have given a boost to suppliers of high-oleic…...

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Global regulations designed to protect the environment have given a boost to suppliers of high-oleic sunflower oil, according to a new report.

The Sunflower Oil Market Procurement Research Report by the worldwide procurement intelligence advisory firm SpendEdge suggests that new eco-friendly hydraulic equipment requires bio-degradable hydraulic fluids based on high-oleic sunflower oil. The eco-friendly hydraulic fluid also provides cost reduction to buyers in the short to medium term through low penalties and reduced sunk losses caused by leaking or spillages.

“The growth of the global sunflower oil market can be attributed to the high availability of the sunflower oil in an un-hydrogenated and zero-trans-fat variant termed as high-oleic sunflower oil,” claimed A Kowshik, Procurement Analyst at SpendEdge. “Sunflower oil is also used as food-grade oil in baked goods and salad dressings due to the oil’s neutral flavour and balanced fatty acid profile.”

The report also highlighted the upsurge of oilseed contracts between farmers and suppliers, as well as a rise in new product launches as contributors towards market growth in sunflower oil worldwide.

Oilseed contracts between suppliers and farmers to provide agronomic services and crop inputs are often personalised to the farmer’s particular requirements. Use of hybrid cultivation techniques also adds to sustainability and reliability in terms of ensuring a consistent supply of high-grade sunflower oil.

New product lines have included sunflower spray as a health-conscious alternative to sunflower oil in cooking.

The SpendEdge report gives a strategic analysis of supply chain management and factors influencing marketing procurement as well as pricing models and the supplier landscape within the agro commodities and raw materials industry. By breaking down data and analysis on sunflower oil procurement, the writers hoped to provide a comprehensive guide for intelligent and informed purchasing decisions across the sunflower oil market.

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