The role of a strategic sourcing software within procurement


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Guest Blog Feature: MARKET DOJO

Role of a strategic sourcing software within procurement. At Market Dojo, we have a strong view on how sourcing activities and in particular, how Reverse eAuctions can aid the procurement departments.

Since the early era of globalisation, the role of sourcing within procurement teams has changed. Most companies are now working with a greater number of suppliers than ever before and in recent years their responsibilities are becoming more integral to the success of their business.

Rather than being just tasked with finding suppliers in the local area that produce specific materials at specific costs. Instead, we are seeing that procurement departments are focused on finding new suppliers from around the world, that can meet very specific requirements such as levels of quality and cost. Whilst incorporating other organisational goals and strong supplier relationships

It is in aiming to achieve this, that many companies have been looking to use a reverse auction to help identify the most suitable suppliers and attain market value whilst incorporating the aspects that are paramount to choosing the right supplier.

How can Market dojo help achieve this?

Market Dojo’s software can help to de-mystify the supplier market, providing an easy-to-use solution that takes the complexity out of professional eSourcing. With weighted and public sector functionality, the tool can help anyone to run a sourcing event that encompasses PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire), RFQ (Request for Quotation) and a reverse auction.

Categories that have been used through the Market Dojo tool, range from Office Supplies to Construction work, producing average savings of 20% in Office Supplies and 16% in Construction work across hundreds of events.

Odesma and Market Dojo have been in partnership with a pioneering global client to run spot-buying freight auctions that have produced average realised savings of 50% across more than 3,000 eAuctions.

How do can Odesma and Market Dojo help me to achieve my procurement goals?

Market Dojo and Odesma work together to provide customers with the opportunity to utilise a best of breed, easy to use procurement sourcing solution with industry leading expertise that can drive performance improvements for your business.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Odesma and Market Dojo are working together, click here.

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