Odesma ring in the New Year with a whole new image!


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Award winning procurement consultancy Odesma, based in Wilmslow is starting the new year with a bang by re-imagining their corporate image.

Odesma are launching their new brand image along with a new website and mission video.

The new brand, created by Silver Agency encompasses Odesma’s values and expertise allowing them to showcase their brand values and experience. The new brand is professional yet bold and impactful which will leave their mark on the procurement industry.

To support the new brand Odesma now have a re-imagined website (www.odesma.co.uk) which is more informative and interactive including latest news, industry insights and a weekly blog with opinions on current procurement issues.

Finally, a new mission video has been designed to support the new brand image and summarise what Odesma can offer an organisation.

Created three years ago by former Xchanging employees Steve Trainor, Ed Cross and Nick Ford, Odesma are a consultancy based on the principles of the cloud. Offering an on-demand procurement service which can be rapidly mobilised, with the average time taken to deliver the first contracted savings being 9.5 weeks from start up. Unlike other consultancies Odesma offer a maximum contractual tie-in of 6 weeks and offer a switch on, switch off service to all their clients.

Odesma has had a successful start securing contracted savings of £108m on behalf of their clients, with a rolling return on investment in excess of 21:1.

The new year promises to be an exciting one for Odesma with new clients, an expanding footprint and a offering.

Ashley Brennan

Marketing Executive
[email protected]
Tel: 01625 526 161
Mob: 07449 394 149


Odesma offer a new breed of procurement advisory which ensures you stay ahead of the market and improve more than just your bottom line. With nearly 100 years in the procurement business and experience in every industry imaginable, Odesma offers procurement as a service by bringing together leading subject matter expertise, technology, governance and leadership in a way that is tailored to the needs of any organisation.

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