Odesma Announces Partnership with AnyData Solutions

Odesma – New Partners with AnyData Solutions January 12, 2015 Odesma Ltd is pleased to…...

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Odesma – New Partners with AnyData Solutions

January 12, 2015
Odesma Ltd is pleased to announce a new partnership with AnyData Solutions, a leading data analytics solution provider. The agreement will give Odesma, its customers and network the opportunity to utilise a best of breed, easy to use Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solution to deliver strategic and tactical spend visibility and insights through dashboards, reports, and data mining.

James Courtis-Pond, CEO of AnyData Solutions said: “Our partnership with Odesma brings together skills and expertise that are hugely complementary. The Odesma team is passionate about delivering value for their customers through a combination of powerful insight, experience and best practice. We are delighted to have been selected as their Business Analytics Partner.”

Steve Trainor; Managing Director, Odesma Ltd stated: “We fully researched the market and concluded AnyData Solutions brings together in a powerful integration of data experience, the broadest visualisation capabilities plus sector experience to deliver the fastest, most agile and deployable data insights. The solution is Data Driven, incredibly practical and very easy to use. It also provides self-service and enterprise analytics solutions empowering business users to collaborate cost effectively.”

Odesma is a new breed of advisory business whose goal is to help clients create immediate and sustainable improvements in the performance of their business. This is done through a combination of experience and application of the best talent and technology in the market. Business & procurement solutions are enabled through the unique Procurement PeopleCloud®.

AnyData Solutions is a dynamic UK company that offers intelligent Analytics Solutions dramatically reducing the time it takes to make data connections that are eluding others. Sharing deep insights with stakeholders and empowering all industry sectors and all people with data analytics they never thought possible incredibly fast and cost effectively.

For further information, please contact:

Odesma Ltd
Ed Cross, Co-Founder.  Steve Trainor, Co-Founder
Tel: 0161 433 7833 www.odesma.co.uk

AnyData Solutions Ltd
James Courtis-Pond, CEO
Email [email protected]

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